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You need high expertise and low project development costs.
We make your expectations real.

Staff Augmentation

Bring in skilled professionals for your projects without long-term commitments.

Dedicated Teams

Hire an efficient team to work exclusively on your project needs. Software, hardware, UI/UX design, and much more.

Turn-Key Products

Get a complete, tested, and fully functional solution. You hold the reins, we stand by your side.

You need high expertise and low project development costs.
We make your expectations real.

Custom Software Development Hardware Development Embedded Development Mobile Development Cloud Solutions


Custom Software Development

Let us transform your ideas into solid and reliable software. Mongoose Software is a full-cycle product development company that will assist your organization from market research to post-launch maintenance.

Embedded Development

We know how to add a brain to your device. Our engineers build embedded solutions of any scale and complexity. We cover all stages of embedded development for any industry: from IoT and robotics to health and automotive.

Hardware Development

Here is your one-stop shop for all hardware development. Instead of adapting existing solutions to your business needs, order a turn-key hardware development service and get a working prototype for mass production.

Firmware Development

Want to get most of your hardware? With firmware development, you can control all your devices, process received data, or unite them into one environment. Our experienced firmware engineers have the right set of skills to provide embedded firmware for your specific needs.

Mobile Apps Development

We provide mobile applications for all platforms and all kinds of devices. Seamless back-end integration, mobile UX/UI design, and reliable application code are the main conditions of your stable and performing mobile projects.

Desktop Apps Development

We build cross-platform desktop applications with custom functionality, a user-friendly interface, and high speed. Our experienced C++, .NET, Java, Python, and Go programmers will help you implement your ideas in the most effective manner.

Cloud Apps Development

According to Leftronic, 90% of companies store their data using cloud solutions. With Mongoose Software, you can join this fast-growing industry. We provide end-to-end solutions that include cloud app planning, developing the app architecture, UI/UX design, testing, and support.

UI/UX Design Services

At Mongoose Software, we ensure that the UI and UX of your product are flawless. Quality user experience is a priority that results in increased conversions and loyalty to your brand. Hire UI/UX specialists and empower your business today.

Web Development

Partner with us and get covered in front-end, back-end, QA, design, content management, and SEO of your web project. The three stones of our web development are security, performance, and focus on clients’ needs.

Outsource IT Services for Various Industries

Mongoose Software provides a solid software foundation for your business. We are experienced in IoT, automotive, game development, fintech, medicine, and much more.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Finance / Fintech



Real Estate





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Together, we discuss the software strategy which fits your goals best


We build the wireframe for the future product


Our team is working on project development step-by-step


QA specialists make sure the product is working properly


We work with your team to prepare the product launch


We support and improve the released products when needed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing IT services means hiring an external company or service provider to manage and perform functions that are typically handled by an internal IT department. This helps to save on costs and stay flexible.

Outsourcing software development allows companies to reduce costs (in comparison with keeping the in-house team), save time, and focus on their core business.

The cost of outsourcing IT services can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project, and the experience level of the development team. Tell us your needs to get a free quote.

To outsource software development, start by selecting the mode of work that suits your needs best: staff augmentation, dedicated team, or turn-key product. Reach us and we’ll help you sort it out.

Staff augmentation is the hiring of additional employees from an outside firm to support a company’s existing staff, bringing in specialized talent for specific projects.

A dedicated team is a group of experts working on a specific project. Its key benefit is understanding client’s needs and goals, leading to a higher level of efficiency.